The Curriculum and Learning Management Division (CLMD) collaborates the Schools Division Offices in the provision and implementation of the Basic Education Curriculum towards the improvement of learning outcomes by contextualizing the curriculum, enforcing standards, and increasing access to quality and varied learning resources.


  1. Design, develop, and implement programs, projects, and activities (PPAs), on curriculum implementation, innovation, and contextualization
  2. Design, develop, and implement a monitoring and evaluation system on the contextualized curriculum.
  3. Provide technical assistance on curriculum implementation and innovation
  4. Review and provide policy recommendations on curriculum implementation, special curricular/ interest programs, and support activities
  5. Develop and implement PPAs on SCP’s Curriculum Implementation, Innovation, and Learning Outcomes Assessment
  6. Manage contextualization of curriculum delivery with Schools Divisions
  7. Review and provide policy recommendations on learning delivery arising from evaluation, studies & research for wider adoption
  8. Conduct regular monitoring of contextualized curriculum delivery for sustainability
  9. Assess learning resource needs per Learning Areas and Grade Levels
  10. Manage, monitor, and supervise the contextualization of LRs
  11. Manage and supervise the quality assurance of varied learning resources in different formats
  12. Upload / catalogue contextualized LRs in the Official LR Portal
  13. Publish the quality assured LRs in the DepEd LR Portal
  14. Manage the development of a contextualized assessment mechanism
  15. Provide relevant, timely and appropriate technical assistance on analysis, interpretation, and utilization of test/ assessment results (performance task assessment and summative assessment) to improve learning outcomes
  16. Coordinate with, manage, and provide technical assistance to all testing coordinators across grade levels
  17. Establish and maintain systems and processes geared towards administrative effectiveness and efficiency
  18. Promote a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration
  19. Conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of office/staff performance for the provision of relevant learning and development programs