The Field Technical Assistance Division (FTAD) leads, coordinates, and integrates the provision of Technical Assistance in collaboration with the Regional Field Technical Assistance Teams, the Schools Division Offices covering all areas of management, and operations based on the needs to have a better and improved School-Based Management practice that leads to increased learning outcomes.


  1. Institutionalize TA mechanisms, and processes for improved governance and operations
  2. Systematize the provision of relevant, needs-based, and strategic technical assistance to ensure effective implementation of PPAs in the SDOs
  3. Track and analyze the implementation and results of Technical Assistance interventions
  4. Provide technical assistance to SDOs in the improvement of the schools’ level of SBM practice
  5. Operationalize the TA Manual
  6. Ensure that the requirements for updating, maintaining, and retaining documented information are established and implemented
  7. Categorize the Bottlenecks, Lags, Issues, and Concerns (BLICs) aligned on the principles of School-Based Management and provide appropriate research-based interventions
  8. Oversee activities related to managing organizational knowledge and setting document management standards in the Regional Office (QMS)
  9. benchmark SBM best practices of schools/SDOs/Region to continuously improved services and processes
  10. Establish and maintain systems and processes geared towards administrative effectiveness and efficiency
  11. Promote a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration
  12. Conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of office/staff performance for the provision of relevant learning and development programs