The Finance Division provides the Regional Office units and Schools Division Offices (SDOs) accurate and timely financial advice, information, and services to ensure equitable allocation, judicious spending, and efficient utilization of fiscal resources.


  1. Ensure RO Functional Divisions (FDs) and SDOs comply with financial management policies and procedures through regular M&E
  2. Conduct financial management seminars and workshops to SDOs and Implementing Units (IUs) finance personnel
  3. Co-lead with PPRD in budget preparation in terms of ensuring accurate, complete, and timely submission of finance-related Budget Preparation (BP) forms through policies orientation, technical assistance, review, and others
  4. Prepare Budget Execution Documents (BEDs) of Regional Office and to review and monitor BEDs submitted by Schools Division Offices
  5. Ensure timely downloading of allotments from Regional Lump- sum funds to SDOs and Implementing Units
  6. Facilitate claims, payments and reimbursement of expenditures and transfer of funds within the prescribed timelines
  7. Prepare, consolidate, and submit Budget and Financial Accountability Reports (BFARs)
  8. Maintain books of accounts and Registries of Allotments, Obligations, and Disbursements (RAOD)
  9. Monitor and evaluate the financial performance of RO and SDOs
  10. Establish and maintain systems and processes geared towards administrative effectiveness and efficiency
  11. Promote a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration
  12. Conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of office/staff performance for the provision of relevant learning and development programs