The Human Resource Development Division (HRDD) supports RO and SDO teaching, teaching-related, non-teaching personnel, and school leaders to become effective and efficient by addressing their needs through the development and implementation of strategic Human Resource (HR) systems towards improved professional competencies.


  1. Recommend policy through policy review for the improvement of the HR system
  2. Develop localized HRD plans
  3. Prepare an Implementation Plan of National Policies
  4. Design a program for the newly hired of the ROP and provide technical assistance to the implemented programs to SDOs
  5. Establish an HRD profiling system of the Regional and Schools Division Offices’ personnel for upskilling and reskilling
  6. Design, develop and implement quality assured Competency-based Learning and Development Intervention Programs
  7. Manage and implement scholarship programs compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (EEOP)
  8. Establish and localize succession and exit plan
  9. Develop and implement various Employee Welfare Program
  10. Design and localize a system for rewarding and recognizing deserving RO and SDO employees
  11. Manage the implementation of the rewards and recognition programs
  12. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the rewards and recognition programs
  13. Manage the conduct of periodic monitoring and evaluation (4 cycles) of staff performance for the provision of relevant & timely learning and development intervention programs
  14. Establish/maintain systems and processes towards administrative effectiveness and efficiency
  15. Promote a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration
  16. Conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of office/staff performance for the provision of relevant learning and development programs