The Information and Communication Technology Unit (ICTU) provides support to regional employees and Division Information Technology Officers (ITOs) to ensure quality services through delivery and deployment of ICT-enabled solutions and services.


  1. Comprehensively monitor complete and timely compliance of the Regional Office units and SDOs to the national and regional-related policies on ICT
  2. Provide appropriate technical assistance to Regional Office units, and SDOs
  3. Adopt an ICT Plan aligned with DepEd Information Systems
  4. Strategic Plan (ISSP) responsive to regional needs
  5. Design and develop ICT systems to automate/ enhance/ maintain Regional business processes
  6. Manage the maintenance of system and infrastructure
  7. Review ICT-related MOA/MOU/Contracts/ Service Level Agreement (SLA) and recommend appropriate action (in coordination with Legal Unit)
  8. Monitor and evaluate the compliance of partners as to stipulated provision in ICT-related MOA/ MOU/ Contract/ SLA
  9. Establish and maintain systems and processes geared towards administrative effectiveness and efficiency
  10. Promote a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration
  11. Conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of office/staff performance for the provision of relevant learning and development programs