The Legal Unit provides prompt and responsive legal services to the stakeholders of the region to ensure integrity and accountability in public service and the efficient delivery of quality basic education.


  1. Evaluate and facilitate appropriate handling of complaints
  2. Facilitate/assist/provide support in the conduct of a formal investigation of cases within the jurisdiction of the RD at the Regional Office – Proper (i.e., teaching personnel and non-teaching personnel within the Regional Office)
  3. Conduct investigations on complaints within the jurisdiction of the CO (i.e., those cases lodged before the CO, but RO representatives are tasked to investigate)
  4. Facilitate the conduct of investigations unto complaints against private schools
  5. Ensure the proper and prompt disposition and resolution of cases within the disciplinary jurisdiction of the RD
  6. Monitor the implementation of the decision or order
  7. Provide support services (i.e., issuance of legal clearances) within the region in relation to retirement, leave for travel abroad, and other personnel actions
  8. Ensure legal representation in cases involving the DepEd region which are filed in judicial and quasi-judicial bodies
  9. Facilitate the involvement of OSG in the cases filed by and on behalf of DepEd
  10. Provide appropriate technical assistance to Divisions, Sections, and Units of the Regional Office and SDOs
  11. Provide legal support services on School Sites Titling
  12. Provide legal support services on private school matters and other legal concerns
  13. Establish and maintain systems and processes geared towards administrative effectiveness and efficiency
  14. Ensure that administrative, budget, finance, and other relevant processes and requirements are met
  15. Promote a culture of excellence, innovation, and collaboration
  16. Conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of office/staff performance for the provision of relevant learning and development programs